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IPScan Agentless NAC


Agentless Network Access Control


IPScan is an IP/MAC resource management and network security solution that enables IT managers to automate the IP/MAC resource management process. IPScan controls network access of any device that uses IP addresses. Utilizing a powerful blocking technology, IPScan ensures that unknown and unauthorized IP/MAC addresses are prevented from accessing the network.






By deploying IPScan into your network, you can centrally manage distributed IP/MAC address resources more safely, effectively and efficiently. IPScan provides IP-enabled organizations with valuable security, availability, compliance and operational efficiency Benefits & ROI. IPScan is deployed by hundreds of large enterprises, service providers, governments and Military agencies and educational institutions.


IPScan is the only solution that provides complete control over all IP/MAC access onto the network. IPScan automatically detects and documents every Ethernet and IP address that attempts access the network, and enforces centrally defined policies in real-time, with the ability to block unauthorized devices from communicating on the network.

IPScan helps secure networks against internal breaches, prevents inadvertent network disruptions from address conflicts, mitigates the risks of non-compliance with regulatory requirements for securing and controlling customer, corporate financial and gaming operation information, and increases IT's operational efficiency in delivering information services.


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