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Disaster Recovery


Business continuity has become a vital ingredient of IT strategies today where businesses need to operate 24 hours a day. The disruption of IT services can be fatal to a business. Pacific DataCom offers disaster recovery solutions that ensure rapid recovery from site failures but also are cost-effective, highly scalable, and easy to deploy and manage.

Pacific DataCom partners with NetIQ and offers PlateSpin Disaster Recovery Solutions that let you meet or exceed RPOs and RTOs of an hour or less, at a price point that lets you protect more of your servers for less money.


NetIQ PlatSpin Forge

PlateSpin Forge is an all-in-one disaster recovery hardware appliance. It protects both physical and virtual workloads, and delivers mirroring-like RTO and RPO performance at a price point approaching tape. It is designed for IT professionals responsible for backup and IT disaster recovery in remote/branch office environments as well as small and medium enterprises. When servers go down, you can quickly recover business-critical workloads and run them on the PlateSpin Forge appliance until they can be restored to your production environment.





  • Protect and recover multiple physical and virtual workloads quickly using a single PlateSpin Forge appliance.
  • Easy-to-use and easier-to-deploy disaster recovery solution - Combining replication software, storage, and embedded virtualization technology, PlateSpin Forge is an ideal way to protect all your servers. 
  • Disaster recovery testing with the click of a mouse - PlateSpin Forge offers easy testing that can be performed monthly or even weekly, to make sure that your disaster recovery plan is up-to-date.


NetIQ PlatSpin Protect

PlateSpin Protect is a disaster recovery software product that uses virtual infrastructure capacity to protect both physical and virtual workloads. It can deliver mirroring-like RTO and RPO performance at a price point approaching tape.

NetIQ PlateSpin DR solutions makes it easy to cost-effectively match your recovery investment to the size of your data center. More..