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Hybrid Cloud


Cloud Strategy

Pacific DataCom Hybrid Cloud solution begins with a consulting phase to extensively evaluate your business needs and future goals to provide a reliable, scalable cloud strategy that ensures the protection of your data and maximum uptime. 


With a hybrid cloud deployment, IT teams can leverage internal, private cloud environments for their most rigorous and secure workloads while leveraging public cloud for test and development, backup or disaster recovery as their organization allows. 


Pacific DataCom offers the Microsoft hybrid cloud which combines Microsoft Azure, Windows Server, and Microsoft System Center, giving you Microsoft’s enterprise-grade technology in both your company’s own datacenter and Microsoft global datacenters.


Organizations are benefiting from bringing the Microsoft’s Hybrid Cloud Platform by:

     -   Reducing the cost and complexity of running datacenters at scale

     -   Unlocking insights from any data – big and small

     -   Empowering employees to work across any device

     -   Creating new business apps and transforming existing ones with cloud capabilities


Running Virtual Machines on Azure

Microsoft’s hybrid cloud solution consistency enables you to use the same VMs and management tools in Azure that you use on-premises.





Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery

Azure Site Recovery can simplify disaster recovery by automating the replication of your virtual machines between two of your sites, or to Azure. It provides an automated solution, customizable recovery plans, remote health monitoring, and orchestrated recovery in the event of a disaster.


Azure Backup integrates with Windows Server Backup and System Center Data Protection Manager for offsite backups. You configure, monitor and recover backups as you would when using local storage. Azure platform is scalable, you can start small and grow as your data grows, and pay only for the storage capacity that you use. 

Stretch your Datacentre

Quickly and easily use Azure as an extension to your existing datacenter. Use Azure to run internal apps that require dynamic scale, collaboration apps like SharePoint, or apps you were already running in your DMZ. No matter what your needs are, Azure provides you scalable infrastructure to quickly extend your on-premises environment.


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