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WAN Optimization


So fast your WAN will feel like a LAN


Throughout the years Pacific DataCom has established close business partnership with major global communication service providers in the regions namely IXTech, HGC and CPCNet. Our technical consultants help you select the most suitable WAN links, routers and WAN optimization solutions that provide the best return-on-investment and also boosts the efficiency and profitability of your business.


Pacific DataCom WAN Optimization solution provides secure and assured application delivery. Organizations benefit from productivity gains. They provide substantial operational savings, enabling a "zero footprint" branch office architecture, centralized management, and simplified troubleshooting. They also provide capital savings by reducing WAN circuit costs.

Our WAN Optimization solution benefits IT staff by providing a scalable approach to accelerate applications performance and increase WAN capacity. It enables application prioritization and reduces IT costs in upgrading bandwidth of WAN circuits.


Pacific DataCom partners with Riverbed and offers its Steelhead® WAN optimization appliances that accelerate applications and data everywhere for end users while enhancing IT control and visibility across traditional WAN and hybrid networks.  With Steelhead, transactions that took hours can now take seconds; organizations run faster and more efficiently - with improved application performance and service delivery. 




Riverbed Path Selection Technology enables IT organizations to deploy and manage hybrid networks to deliver greater applications reliability, performance, and cost-savings in data centers, branch offices, and clouds while retaining control and minimizing complexity. Learn more >