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Cloud Messaging


Email has become a business critical system, and uptime is crucial. Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory now underpin many aspects of your day-to-day operations. These products are getting complex to administer and require expert knowledge to configure the software in respect to corporate IT policies and business requirements. Pacific DataCom review your Exchange and Active Directory implementations to help you migrate to a cloud solution with minimal downtime and at the same time ensure your data will be safe.


Our team of Microsoft Gold-Certified engineers has wealth of experience in helping companies migrating from on-premise messaging systems to Microsoft cloud-based hosted solutions, Microsoft Exchange Online. Our services include:


      *  Expertise to setup, configure and migrate to a cloud solution

      *  Migrate all your data and mailboxes to the new solution

      *  Migrate to a cloud solution with minimal downtime


Pacific DataCom helps businesses get all the productivity benefits of Microsoft Office along with the power of cloud services.




Cloud Email Protection

Today, email protection is significantly different than it was only a short time ago. Malicious threats used to be concealed primarily in attachments, but today 85% of unwanted email messages contain a link to a potentially malicious website. Securing email users against converged web and email threats requires advanced and powerful email protection solutions.


Pacific DataCom offers Forcepoint’s cloud email protection solution - TRITON AP-EMAIL in the cloud stops spam, virus, phishing, and other malware attacks before they reach your network, dramatically reducing email bandwidth and storage requirements. Because there is no hardware or software, business costs associated with installation, troubleshooting, and applying patches and upgrades are eliminated.


The Forcepoint ThreatSeeker Network™ continuously monitors worldwide email content for emerging threats, analyzing millions of requests a day, capturing millions of unsolicited spam, phishing, and exploit campaigns. ThreatSeeker feeds this intelligence to TRITON email, web, and data protection solutions, and to Forcepoint security analysts who apply the intelligence to quickly adapt Forcepoint solutions to manage the rapidly changing threat environment.



     *  Stops targeted attacks and the early stages of advanced persistent threats

     *  Secures sensitive data against theft from external attacks and insider threats

     *  Safely supports cloud technologies such as Microsoft Office 365

     *  Identifies high-risk user behavior and educates users to improve threat awareness


TRITON AP-EMAIL stops 99% of spam with zero false positives. The service is backed by a 99.999% uptime SLA and includes email spooling and disaster recovery provisions as standard. Built-in redundancy, failover, and business continuity ensure that email always stays up and running, even if the network is temporarily unavailable.